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Zilla Digital Thermometer

Price: Out
Item Number: ZLA-68027
Manufacturer: Zilla
Manufacturer Part No: 100011837
  • Measures air or water temperature
  • Precise readings to 0.1° Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Easy mounting with long probe and included suction cups

Measure terrarium comfort with digital precision
Cold-blooded reptiles stay healthier and more active with the accurate monitoring of a Digital Thermometer for Terrariums. Press a button to display temperatures from -10°F to 140°F (-23°C to 60°C) in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, graduated in 0.1° increments that reveal temperature trends long before they can harm pets. Equal accuracy is achieved in both aquatic and terrestrial environments, simply by positioning a temperature probe (attached to the thermometer by a 39" lead wire) in the spot to be monitored. Keep the lead out of sight by securing it with the included suction cups. Choose constant temperature monitoring, or turn the unit off to save battery power (a battery is included.)

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