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Hydor Koralia Circulation Pumps

Price: From $26.99 to $59.99
Manufacturer: Hydor

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Evolution: Finnaly a compact, energy saving controllable pump with amazing, never before seen performance!  Even the exclusive magnet suction-cup support has been improved with vibration reduction technology.  Find the model that best suits your needs, position it, plug it into a timer or directly into your electrical supply and watch your aquarium benefit from the powerful yet gentle flow.
KORALIA is a new innovative range of aquarium circulation pumps. Designed to be super efficient and long-lasting with very low energy consumption compared to traditional circulation pumps.
KORALIA’s water flow is both powerful and delicate making it ideal for marine and reef tanks. The unique patented* magnetic support allows free and secure positioning anywhere in aquariums with glass up to 15 mm (0,6 in) thick. The special sphere shaped connection makes flow directing quick, simple and fully adjustable.
Model                                Watt        Flow Rate     Fresh Water          Salt Water      
KORALIA Nano 425   -   3.5 Watt - 425 gph  - from 28 to 50 gal -   from 15 to 30 gal
KORALIA Evolution 750 -  4 Watt -  750 gph - from 50 to 90 gal -    from 30 to 50 gal
KORALIA Evolution 1050 -5 Watt-  1050 gph - from 70 to 125 gal - from 45 to 70 gal
KORALIA Evolution 1400 -6 Watt-  1400gph -  from 90 to 160 gal-  from 55 to 90 gal
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